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10 Simple First Day (or Week!) of School Traditions

10 Simple First Day (or Week!) of School Traditions

Back to school season is in FULL SWING! 

We love this time of year - a new start, back to routine, and the promise of gorgeous fall weather just around the corner! 

Whether you’re enjoying a few last weeks of summer vacation or your Littles head back to school this week, here are ten simple ways to make the first week extra-special. 

10 First Day of School Traditions

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Have A Special Back to School Breakfast

If the first day of school feels too crazy to fit this in, have breakfast for dinner the first day of school or do it on Friday morning the first week of school after you’ve had a few days to settle into a routine. Or have it the last day of summer vacation instead!

A Back to School Storytime

Whether your child is counting down the days until school begins or they’re nervous about that big first day, reading some picture books together is a great way to talk about what to expect and discuss any fears. Here’s a great list of first day of school picture books

Make A Back To School Time Capsule

Make a list of their current favorites (colors, foods books, friends, activities, etc), make handprints with finger paints and take a photo or two and tuck them away. You can bring it out on the last day of school or next school year and compare!

Plan An Afternoon Surprise

After that first day of school, which is usually full of a lot of instruction and  routine building, it’s nice to burn off some energy. Visit a new playground or pull back out the swimsuits and hit the splash pad. 

First Day of School Balloons

Balloons are the best because they’re so inexpensive but they feel like a PARTY. Blow some up and tape them to their bedroom door or hang them around the kitchen table to make the first day of school feel like a real celebration. 

A special outing for younger siblings

If your big siblings are off to school, it’s hard to be the little one left behind. Pick something special to do once the older kids are off, whether it’s going to get a doughnut at the grocery store or visiting the library together. 

Leave a Sidewalk Chalk Message

You can do this the night before so they see it walking to school or wait until they’re gone and do it so they see it when they come home. Phrases like “You’ve got this!” or “Can’t wait to hear all about your day!” or “Hooray for school!” are all winners. (Missed the first day of school? Do it on the last day of the first week!). 

Special bracelet or clip

If you have a child who is nervous, give them a special bracelet to wear or a keychain they can clip to their backpack to remind them of you and help them feel connected. I have a little puffball clip on my own backpack and when one of my children is having a hard time, I clip it to their backpack and let them take it to school - it’s like magic! 

Show and Tell Dinner

Whether it’s the first day of school or the end of the first week of school, it’s nice to have a time set aside to let your children tell you every last detail, show off any projects or artwork they’ve done, and let you ask questions about how it’s going. 

A Lunch Box Note

It’s a classic for a reason - it’s so special to open your lunch and find a note, however short, from your mom or dad or grandparents, telling you they love you and that they hope that first day of school is a wild success! 

What are your family’s favorite first day of school traditions? We’d love to hear!

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