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40+ Ways to Connect with Your Child Using Love Languages

40+ Ways to Connect with Your Child Using Love Languages

Love is in the air! With the help of our London Littles community, we have compiled a list of unique ways you can express love to your children, this month and throughout the year.

If you aren't sure of your child's favorite love language, try this online quiz or experiment with some ideas below and see what makes your child light up with delight.

40 ways to connect with child using love languages

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Physical Touch

To your child, love flows between you when you are close. When they feel the warmth of your hand, they feel the warmth of your love.

  • hold hands on a walk
  • hug hello, goodbye, good morning, good night, and just because
  • try tickle fights, wrestling, and secret handshakes
  • cuddle in the mornings 
  • give piggyback rides
  • create a "spa" and give facials and pedicures

One of my girl's love language is physical touch so we rub her back while she falls asleep every night. @thedohdoh

My son is all about quality time and physical touch. I try to plan a few quality time moments a day and make sure to sit close and snuggle up to him. A few minutes of story time, a family movie night, and holding hands while we walk into the next errand go such a long way to help him feel so loved! @fridaywereinlove


Receiving Gifts

The material object is less important to your child than the thought behind it. A gift sends a message, "I was thinking of you and I love you." 

  • make or buy them something small and thoughtful to make some part of their life easier
  • create a scrapbook about them
  • bring something home "just because", something as simple as a cookie or a pretty sea shell
  • frame a photo of you together
  • add to their collection of ... (rocks, Pokemon cards, stickers)
  • make them a special treat
  • buy them inspiring artwork for their room
  • write a song about them 


Words of Affirmation

Words mean the world to your child. They will best feel your love when it is expressed through written and spoken word.

  • write love notes
  • tell them something specific you love about them every day
  • start a journal where you can write letters and love notes back and forth
  • give unsolicited compliments, "I love being with you. I love being your Mom."
  • always speak of them to others in kind, positive tones (whether you think you can be overheard or not)
  • be loud in singing their praises for their efforts and achievements
  • swap the jokes in a lunch box for specific notes about things I love about them
I connect with my son by leaving him notes. I write on the mirror in his room when he's asleep, I put messages on his letter board, I'll slip in a secret note in a drawer or in his backpack or in a book he is reading. I've realized that even more than me saying the things I want to for him, he feels loved when I write them for him. He holds onto them longer and reads them over and over. @thedohdoh


    Quality Time

    Time is one of our most prized resources, and your child can't get enough of yours. When you give your child your full attention, they get your whole heart.

  • turn off the radio in the car and be present and open to conversation
  • cultivate shared hobbies or interests with your child to create a space for quality time doing something you both enjoy
  • organize a weekly kid date
  • minimize activities outside the home and spend evenings as a family
  • show up for their class parties, performances, and sporting events

  • Both of my children really value quality time, but each in their own way. My daughter loves playing games and dolls together while my son really loves to bake something in the kitchen or read a book with me. This also helps me to feel connected to my children, and are moments in my day I really look forward to. @thehappyflammily

    Each of my four kids seem to become softer versions of themselves when I take even seconds to stop what I'm doing, get on their level, and look them in the eye. From asking about their day, talking about the book they are reading, or even in the moments for some redirection or discipline, that little connection created via eyes at their level makes a huge difference. @aboutprogress

    My oldest’s love language is quality time (alone time) so letting her stay up late just the two of us is really special for her. We paint our nails, eat popcorn and watch a movie of her choice and we both have the best time. @positivelypearson

    My oldest daughter is ALL about quality time and games (card and board) have been such a simple way to spend fun time together! @everydayreading

    So many kids, including mine, really crave quality time. They don't care as much about the specific activity or even the place, but having focused, dedicated time together is such a gift. Travel has enabled that for us in many ways. It takes us away from daily concerns (even good ones!) such as cleaning, practices, and meal prep. Instead, we get to use those special periods to connect with our kids, and it facilitates our kids connecting with each other, too. @localpassportfamily


      Acts of Service

       Helping with a simple task might be a small inconvenience for you, but it will mean everything to your child.

      • bring them breakfast in bed
      • make their lunch for them on a day they are feeling stressed
      • make their bed for them
      • pick them up from school so they don't have to walk or ride the bus
      • drop off forgotten homework at school
      • help them clean up a big mess
      • offer to help with homework
      • make their favorite dinner
      • fix or replace a broken toy
      • buying them the next book in a series they are reading

      My youngest is all about the acts of service, he is my kid that cleans up the playroom and surprises me with it! One day while he was at school I completely decked out his room for Valentine’s Day with decorations I knew he would love and even had a few little treats hidden around the room! He was so excited. -- @positivelypearson

      What ideas would you add to the list?

      simple ways to connect with your kids

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