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Rain Gear Expansion: Jackets and Umbrellas

Rain Gear Expansion: Jackets and Umbrellas

If you've heard us talk about the process of designing our London Littles rain boots, you know that it was a long process. We wanted a product that was equal parts magic and practical! Something that would catch a child's eye with bright colors and win a mom's heart with timeless design and sturdy construction. We searched high and low for the perfect shades of each color (we are ridiculously proud of our Darling Pink and Darling Purple). We ended up with 11 classic styles of rain boots and our hearts still burst every time we see a child wearing something we created.

You can read The Story Behind London Littles here.

Adding to the Family

Now, as parents ourselves we aren't saying that deciding to add new products is like deciding whether or not to add another child to the family... but at times it felt close. There's the commitment of time, expense, and energy. And what if our first-born, our London Littles rain boots, felt jealous or neglected?

Thankfully, rain boots are actually incapable of having feelings AND our hearts grew in size to accommodate everyone! Now our family has expanded to include a whole line of rain gear with umbrellas and jackets alongside our rain boots.

Because we have so many new color options and opportunities for you to mix and match, we wanted to share some of our favorite combinations with you today.

Windsor Dinosaur Jacket    |    Black & White Umbrella    |    King's Cross Green Rain Boots

 Lily Pink Jacket    |    Black & White Umbrella    |    Lemon Umbrella    |    Paper & String Rain Boots

Windsor Pink Jacket    |    Holographic Umbrella    |    Unicorn Pink Rain Boots    |    Trafalgar Black Rain Boots

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