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Favorite Rainy Day Traditions

Favorite Rainy Day Traditions

Instead of letting an unexpected rain storm ruin all your plans, we asked our community of moms to share their favorite traditions to change rainy days into something special. 

favorite rainy day traditions for families boys rain boots london littles

Photo Michelle Dixon (@maryandluna)

If you are wondering how to bring some fun inside on a rainy day, try adopting one (or several) of these time-tested activities and traditions. 

"Our rainy day tradition started from when I was younger. We would all get on our rain gear, go play and jump in the puddles and get soaking wet. When we would come back inside my mom would have warm cookies, milk, and blankets all set up for us to watch a movie. So, now I do that with my girls. They love it!" -Kashia Palmer @kashiapalmer

"We love doing hot chocolate and quiet reading time with blankets and pillows when it rains!"  -Preethie Harbuck @localpassportfamily

"We take a family walk every day, rain or shine, so on rainy days we walk with our umbrellas. We each have our own umbrella and watching everyone walk down the street with boots and umbrellas always makes me happy. My kids want to include that we always bake something warm and drink hot chocolate and play board games." -Miranda Anderson @livefreemiranda

favorite rainy day boredom busters for kids boy splashing in puddle with rain boots

Photo Mackenzie Merrill Photography

"We live for rainy days here in Arizona since they are so few and far between! As soon as it starts to rain our kids grab their rain gear and head out to jump in puddles and dance in the rain! Another rainy day tradition we love is to build a fort! We turn on our favorite show, pop some popcorn, and enjoy listening to the rain, while staying cozy inside." -Sarah Wheeler @thisandthatetc

"We like to listen to the rain, splash in puddles, and look for rainbows." -Calynn @brynnnora

"Recently we aired up an air mattress in the living room floor, got all our blankets and baby dolls, made a yummy snack tray by filling a mini muffin tin with treats and watched Disney+ while it thunder stormed all day. It's definitely one of our favorite rainy day activities now. Followed by splashing in puddles after the thunder and lightning are gone. "-Tara Hassell @sweetscarlettgrace 

What fun traditions or activities would you add to the list?


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