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Children's Summer Style Guide

Children's Summer Style Guide

This just in! Rain boots are not only for rainy days.

Summer is finally here and you might be tempted to put your kids' rain boots away for the season. But wait! We've been in the rain boot business long enough to know that your kids can and will gladly wear their rain boots for any adventure, no matter the weather.

If you can't take our word for it, take a look at the adorable outfits we have created below!

We've put together our Summer Style Guide with some of our fellow small children's brands with outfits for play and swim. The outfits feature four different styles of our London Littles rain boots and options for boys and girls, as well as toddler and big kid styles.

summer style guide rain boots for girls

Bow    |    Leather Bag    |    Flutter Top    |    Suspender Skirt    |    Paper & String Rain Boots 

summer style guide for boys with swimsuits and rain boots

Sunglasses    |    Rashguard    |    Boardshort    |    Paper & String Rain Boots summer style guide for girls yellow rain boots

 Romper    |    Bow    |    Knee Socks    |    Paper & String Rain Boots

summer style guide for boys with red rain boots Hoodie    |    Basic Tee    |    Knit Shorts    |    King's Cross Red Rain Boots

summer style guide for little girls with red rain boots from London Littles Sunglasses    |    Pigtail Bows    |    Romper    |    King's Cross Red Rain Boots

london littles rain boots for children summer style guide  Sunglasses    |    Basic Tee    |    Knit Shorts    |    Darkest Peru Rain Boots summer style guide with beach wear from London Littles

 Straw Hat    |    Sunglasses    |    Ruffle Swimsuit    |    Darkest Peru Rain Boots 

summer style guide for little girls with purple rain boots Knit Tank    |    Leather Bag    |    Mom Shorts    |    Darling Purple Rain Boots

summer style guide for girls' swimwear Sunglasses    |    Sun Hat    |    Smocked Bikini    |    Darling Purple Rain Boots

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