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Top 8 Favorite Kids Holiday Traditions

Top 8 Favorite Kids Holiday Traditions

It's that time of year where everyone gets to finally enjoy some festive spirit, and this year we thought we would share some of our top 10 Favorite Kids Holiday Traditions here on the Circle Line. 

With only a few weeks left in the year, there is a lot of fun holiday activities to squish in with your Littles in such a short amount of time. We put together a fun list of our favorite to share with all of you:

Top 8 Favorite Kids Holiday Traditions:

1. Decorate the House with Holiday Items. (Maybe it is a Christmas tree, or wreath, or whatever traditional holiday items your family might have). Break out the festive fun and get started hanging them around the house to remind you of this special time of year. 

2. Make Holiday Cookies. Nothing like some butter, sugar, and dare we mention chocolate as the foundation to a fun, holiday-themed afternoon. 

3. Get Outside. Whether in snow, sun, rain, hot or cold, put on your London Littles boots and get outside with the Littles. It's a magical time of year to walk the neighborhood, see all the houses with lights up, or do a holiday parade.

4. Snuggle Up With Some Holiday Books (even better in London Little PJs). For some of our favorite book recommendations, feel free to visit: Top 25 Books from London Littles

5. Make Fun, Hot Drinks. Personally we Love hot chocolate as a traditional holiday drink to bring us some cheer, but you can also warm up with your Littles with Apple Cider, or tea. 

6. Make Cards For Those You Care The Most About. Missing loved ones this year? Nothing like a card to remind them that they're much loved and missed. We all love getting those tender reminders that bring us so much joy. Break out the crafts and get ready to share the smiles with your loved ones

7. Visit Loved Ones. It's been a challenging year for many, and nothing like a happy hug or smile to bring joy to others during this festive season. 

8. Turn on The Tunes. Nothing like the holidays to make the whole family sing. Have a dance party, bring out the instruments (or the pots and pans), and shout Mariah Carey as loud as you can! 

Most importantly enjoy this special time of year, and please let us know yoru favorite activities. We love sharing your stories, laughs, and comments. We wish you all the fun in the world this season and hope you dreams come true.


The London Littles Family

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