Notes from Adventurers


"My favorite part? She can put them on by herself! They're perfect for rainy days, but even better for just playing outside." - Amy Lou

"Living in Oregon we are sort of rain boot connoisseurs and these are super great and completely adorable. My kids are obsessed and Alice may have cried when it was time to take them off." - Lauren

"My boys will not wear any other shoes, they love their boots, and I love them too!" - Heather

"My kids always take their shoes off in the car, but they can put these back on without any help from me!" - Tara

"Nadia loved splashing in muddy puddles - they are super easy to clean too!" - Azra

"They are so well made. We love them!" - Stephanie

"As an unofficial connoisseur of kids' rain boots I'm here to report that they are GOOD." - Grace

"When life gets me down, I just put Lucy in a tutu and rain boots and then it's smoooooth sailing from there. Instant happiness." - Mary

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