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Kensington Dove Rain Boot


US Size

Product Details

Inspired by the famous gardens of central London, these beautiful watercolor floral boots are fit for a princess, whether she's taking high tea or headed out to explore her kingdom. 
All of our boots are handmade from natural rubbers and it is not possible to get a perfectly white rubber - these boots have a pearly white or dove gray tint. Because of the light color, when excess glue is wiped away, it may leave some minor discoloration on the trim and sole.

- Rubber rain boots with a cotton lining
- Designed in the USA + custom made for London Littles in China

Our boots are hand-finished, which means each boot will have slight unique variations that make it one of a kind, just like your child! 
Our boots are made from natural rubber, which means they may need occasional maintenance to keep them in top condition. 

To clean the exterior, mix a mild dish soap with water and use a soft cloth to gently wipe off the exterior of the boot. If the interior of the boots become wet, remove the insole inserts and let both the insert and boot dry for 24-48 hours.

Size Chart
US Size UK Size EU Size Insole Length in Inches
5 4 21 5.3
6 5 22 5.7
7 6 23 6.1
8 7 24 6.3
9 8 25 6.6
10 9 26 6.8
11 10 28 7.2
12 11 29 7.5
13 12 31 7.8
1 13 32 8.1
2 1 33 8.4
3 2 34 8.9

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