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21 Festive Family Traditions for Valentine's Day

21 Festive Family Traditions for Valentine's Day

Isn't Valentine's Day such a fun holiday with children? 

There isn't the same level of expectation as you have with other holidays, and it's just a delightful time to celebrate how much you love your little munchkins!

We asked our London Littles community to share their favorite Valentine's Day traditions and we loved seeing all the amazing ideas big and small. 

Whether you want to go all out or just want a few quick ways to make Febuary 14th feel special, we hope this list will spark some inspiration.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Photo of the Darling Pink rain boots by Calynn


We treat Valentine's Day as a family holiday. We have breakfast for dinner and give each child a new book! Last night we were reading bedtime stories, and several of the picture books had inscriptions “Happy Valentines Day Eliot! 2013” etc. Valentine's Day books was something my mom always did and we have loved it! I already picked them all out for this year - @livefreemiranda

A breakfast or lunch date with my daughter - @alockeoflove

The night before I cut out a handful of paper hearts and write stuff I love about them and tape it to the door - @madremandy

We love to do heart-shaped pancakes with red and pink sides. Strawberries, pomegranate seeds, raspberries, or dragon fruit if we’re feeling fancy make for a special meal! - @fridaywereinlove

Heart shaped everything! Pizza is our family tradition and we cut strawberry hearts - @themrscostanza

A platter of red produce! Cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper, strawberries, etc - @kthrnmdsn

Always chocolate covered strawberries - @can1love

We carry on the gift tradition that my mom did where each family member gets a pink or red item of clothing at a special valentines theme dinner. W e also love decorating sugar cookies and delivering them to friends - @elisabethmcknight

Baking heart shaped cookies and cookie decorating - @laurenreiss and @penelopecristin

We heart attack our children's doors the night before Valentine's Day - @theintentionalfamily

My mom always had a chocolate waiting for us at our spots at breakfast - @yllek82

Pancakes and smoothies for breakfast - @kategreerdodd

My favorite is our love dinner.  We eat a fancy meal and write love letters just before for each one in the family and they have to guess who it’s from. Also, we do “We love to be a family.”  And we do fun things all day together.  Usually ending at a restaurant or a movie theater.  I’ll make a little treasure map and hearts for each step of the way through our fun day - @simplyonpurpose

A countdown to Valentine's paper chain - @bookbloom

New shoes from their dad! - @_logan_stanley_

Everyone wears red, white, and pink - @heather_uses_a_planner

On Valentine’s day I do a fun simple family dinner with cute paper plates and decorations and valentines themed food like cut hearts in their sandwiches or whatever, then Tyler and I will celebrate just the two of us another day - @asliceofstyle

We don't eat sugar cereal so they get a box for little holidays like Valentine's Day - @stephaniejsears

Dinner with a little gift next to each child's plate: a book with a love note written inside - @katemitch92

We cut out paper hearts and put them on the window - @swhiteley4 

Pink milk and pink pancakes for breakfast - @jbeanstacey


Does your family have favorite Valentine's Day traditions? We'd love to hear! 

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  • Every year for Valentine’s Day, my kids and I frost heart shaped sugar cookies, and we make chocolate covered strawberries.

    Marissa Bustillos

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